The Realm of New Beginnings

Taking a leap forward and entering a new phase, crucial alterations and additions have been made. Hence, let’s explore together.


In this article, we would like to walk you through all fresh changes that the latest update – Investroy 2.0 – embeds within itself.

To commence, we are introducing three novel alterations: website 2.0, Spacetroy, and the Investroy Academy (proprietary platform). All additions and details have been hand-tailored with the aim of offering an experience of seamless quality. Without further ado, let’s scrutinise the elements one-by-one.

Website 2.0

The purpose of the initial version of the website was rather informative and descriptive. Neither many functionalities were present within its boundaries and nor did it have an interactive notion. The fully refurbished and updated version of the website (2.0), on the other hand, offers a vast array of components. 

As such, firstly, one may feel free to navigate through the “Home” page to make himself/herself familiar with the main page of the website that is saturated with a handful of leading constituents. 

After, it is feasible to explore the “About” page to delve into the story, mission, history of the company. 

The “Contact” page can be utilised for viewing the Frequently-Asked Question and reaching us with any inquiries that might be had. More to it, the chatbot by the name Albus (present at the bottom-right of the screen) is at your disposal 24/7 to address all sorts of questions and requests. Feel free to browse through various categories and, if you have further questions, reach out to us directly through the chat.

The “Blog” page and “Services” lead to two different magic realms, the in-depth scrutiny and description of which will be provided below.


Upon getting directed to the “Blog” section, bi-weekly articles on various topics that are divided into three categories – Education, News, Analysis – can be accessed. Labelled as Spacetroy, the purpose of the platform is to offer a diversified library of important and informative material to aid you in progressing through your journey within the realm of financial markets. 

The “Education” section constitutes hand-made papers on a vast variety of topics. Not only will articles cover the educational side of the trading world, but they also will examine the psychological standpoint of achieving success within the industry, formulate syntheses with individual human behaviour, touch upon the neurobiological side of events, refer to the invisible difficulties that are unavoidable from being faced.

The “News” division will comprise of important updates, modifications, additions, and provide details regarding freshly printed and upcoming material.

Technical and fundamental analyses of various financial instruments will be published under the heading of “Analysis”. Multi-timeframe spectrum examinations of the watchlist, historical chart studies, prognosis on future short and long-term price action, quarterly and annual economic overview – everything concerning detailed market studies will be posted on a monthly basis. 

Investroy Academy

After having surfed through the full catalogue available on the “Services” page and opted for a subscription planning of your preference, you gain access to Investroy Academy, the platform of limitless opportunities that provides you with everything and more to ensure the utmost quality of your journey within the borders of the market. 

Within the Academy, several sections are present. Below, we are overviewing each section and annotating on their importance.

The “My Account” dashboard offers possibilities to track and modify your membership. “Reception” is for receiving all the needed news and notifications. The “Trades” segment includes trade signals with respective chart analyses in a standardised format, with updates regarding active and monitored positions being followed through.

In the “Library” category, hand-tailored articles and mini-books are published. Additionally, the “Journals” section embeds detailed documents, journaling every single trade execution month-by-month.

‘Market updates’, ‘Education’, and ‘Chart Studies’ are three subsections of the “Videos” channel.

The “Results” branch incorporates yearly Profit & Loss statements with a complete trade track record updated on a monthly basis.

Moreover, the Risk Calculator is operational for computing the needed lot size before executing transactions.

In conclusion, we are available 24/7. If our members have any questions, they may contact us through any channel of their preference.



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