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Transparency, straightforwardness, and a unique approach are some of the core values maintained by Investroy. From historical trading logs to any major or minor activity, everything is available to the public eye for viewing. Moreover, delivering the truth regarding trading within financial markets from technical and psychological standpoints, our main goal is to aid all types of traders in identifying trade opportunities, diversifying their portfolio, and achieving long-term consistent profitability.

The primary aim of the Academy is to assist both novice and experienced participants in financial markets in learning and earning. This is achieved through educational materials, trade ideas, market analyses, and more.
At the moment, we only trade the Forex market. Consequently, signals/ideas shared in the Academy are currency-based, with EUR/GBP and USD/CHF being our most traded instruments. Further down the road, we are planning on launching Stock and Crypto sections too, with the purpose of further diversifying our portfolio.
Each trade signal includes chart analysis, risk suggestions, entry points, a single target region (TP), and a stop-out (SL) order. Trades are executed both at market prices and with the assistance of limit orders.
On average, 3-4 trade signals are published each month, with all of them being swing (middle to long-term) positions. The number might vary (be less or more) depending on market development.
You can utilise our trade signals for educational purposes, as a confluence to meet prop-firm challenges, and as a means of diversifying your portfolio. In short, there is no fixed set of rules dictating how a trade signal/idea published within the Academy should be used.

You may click here to access our bot-assistant and view historical trading logs through the collection labelled as “PnL Statements”.

The Academy offers a variety of educational materials, including articles on diverse topics, monthly trade journals with all executed transactions, technical and fundamental market analyses, and trade signals with detailed orchestrations. More to it, video and book-format educational content, in-depth chart studies, and webinars are also provided to ensure the highest quality of the “learn and earn” concept within the boundaries of the platform.To dig further, you may access the “Investroy Academy” collection through the chat-bot and view everything in a detailed manner.

You may cancel your subscription or alter your active membership package through the “My Account” section present within the Investroy Academy. Regardless of annulling your active membership package, you will still have access to the services provided in the platform till the day of expiration of your current plan. If you desire switching your membership package, the new subscription plan will commence after the expiration of the ongoing one.