About Investroy

Being an educational firm that specialises in the financial field, Investroy has a list of core values, a backstory, and a clearly defined mission

Core values


Being fully democratic about the way the operations are conducted by having fully transparent trading records and past projects


Following and accommodating the needs and the wants of the community in a rapidly changing world and adjusting for the swiftly shifting conditions of the market


By creating valuable content and aiding traders all around the globe, we are involved in doing something that makes our heart sing


Having a unique approach and a set of norms, every single piece of content that we share with the community is tailored to meet and over-jump the barrier of standards set by an average educational firm

Story & Mission

After witnessing the loopholes created by firms with low reputations and fraudulent backgrounds, we joined efforts in building an enterprise to eliminate the falsified image of the financial sector and address the realities of it from technical and psychological standpoints.

And hence, Investroy was established in 2020 with the purpose of bringing a breath of fresh air to the industry through genuine education and guidance within the realm of financial markets.

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Only by analysing and deriving lessons from the past can we focus on continuing our journey towards the ultimate goal.



Investroy is launched as a brand, and Investroy Academy (previously known as “Investroy VIP”) is introduced as a community with the purpose of guiding, teaching, aiding, and inspiring.



A wide range of content, extending from mini-articles to journaling documents and detailed chart studies, is introduced in the Academy.



Tens of thousands of members are present across various platforms where content is published. To accommodate their inquiries, a personal bot-support named Albus is launched. Additionally, more than a hundred traders are learning and earning with the support of Investroy Academy.



Major alterations and optimisations have been implemented across various branches of the firm. The groundwork for integrating the Academy into a sole platform has been laid, and further brand presence has been established.


Yusif Gurbanli

Co-founder & Co-CEO

Mansum Seyidov

Co-founder & Co-CEO